A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Bug Yard is a game about taking pics of bugs in your backyard. Made during TOJam 2018.


This game was made by three people! And a bunch of people on freesound.org.

Daniel - Gameplay Programmer / Artist

Sandra - Artist/Animator/Programmer

Taylor - UI Programmer/Artist, Sound Designer

Sound Credits: 
-justkiddink waves on seaweed
-jymdavis - Insect in a tree
-devlab - forest ambient loop
-leoni@fs grass-walking- 
gum-12 - crunch grass 2
-snapper 4298 camera click _NIKON
-xef6 350d shutter
-matthiastidlund - Camera shutter in Sony A55


WASD/Arrows - Move

Mouse - Look

Q - Open Notepad

R - Open Camera

Click (when in camera mode) - Take pic


Bug-Yard-windows.zip 19 MB
Bug-Yard-macos.zip 27 MB


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That was a cute little experience. :) I'm a sucker for photography simulations and game mechanics anyway, so I enjoyed your game very much. The whole art style fits perfectly to your main character, the little girl, as well. Absolutely adorable. Thanks for that jam game, happily I recommended it in a little article on our blog and also uploaded a playthrough video for it. <3

Best wishes,